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Validation  & Verification

"Verify Your Carbon Credits - Validate Your Impact"

What is  Validation and Verification

To decide an adequacy of a project and assess GHG emissions

We, Oasiscert provide an independent and objective third-party review of carbon offset projects to ensure that the project's environmental integrity is upheld and that the offset credits are valid and properly accounted for.

We could provide a valuable tool for your organizations to demonstrate your commitment to reducing carbon footprint!

Carbon offset validation and verification is a process of confirming that a given carbon offset project is real, accurately calculated, and meets certain standards such as Gold standards and Verra etc.

This process involves measuring and verifying the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are reduced, avoided, sequestered, or otherwise offset through the implementation of a particular project. It includes assessing the project’s design, implementation, monitoring, and management, and ensuring that it meets any standards set by the offsetting organization. The goal of carbon offset validation and verification is to ensure that the offset project is delivering real, additional, and verifiable GHG reductions.

What advantages does validation&verification provide?

1. Support companies in their ambitions to reduce GHG emissions

2. Secure the quality of your GHG emission reductions: 

You can demonstrate to external stakeholders that your footprint is transparent, credible and reliable.  Furthermore, you can assure your internal management reporting is accurate, relevant and consistent over time

3. Make implementing projects financially feasible: 

You can minimize costs by avoiding penalties and risks for inaccurate reporting

4. Improve your company's reputation

This can maximize your sales opportunities by differentiating your business from competitors while supporting your tendering position

Sectorial Scope

Power Plant

GHG emission reductions from fuel combustion

Land Pollution

Waste Handling and Disposal

Validation & Verification Process

"Speed Up Your Success with Fast Process!"

Step 1


and Pre-Engagement

Step 4

Site Validation/Verification Assessment

Step 2

Developing Validation/Verification plans involving strategic analysis and risk assessment

Step 5

Submission of Validation/ Verification findings

& resolution of findings

Step 3

Reviewing the Project Design or Monitoring report

Step 6

Issuance of final validation/verification report 

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