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"Certifying a Greener Tomorrow"

Inspired to be a Source of Sustainability, OASISCERT was established in 2022 to advocate environmental & sustainability practices.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing certification and validation activities to meet your needs.  

Why Us

Preferable Management

We set the guidelines to improve your organization to the level of international standards

Advanced Opportunities

We offer access to preferable and superior business opportunities to improvement in customer gratification

High-Speed Processing

We provide quick, efficient solutions to your organizations'  needs

Safeguard Environment

Minimizing wasting resources and a clear vision on GHG emissions is the indispensable benefit


OASISCERT management is committed to providing impartial and objective conformity assessment and validation and verification services to our clients. Our commitment to impartiality includes: 

  1. Ensuring that our personnel and processes remain independent and free from any undue influence that could affect our ability to provide objective conformity assessment and validation and verification services.

  2. Identifying and addressing any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in our operations. 

  3. Regularly reviewing and updating our policies and procedures to ensure that they promote impartiality and comply with relevant standards and regulations. 

  4. Providing our personnel with appropriate training and resources to enable them to carry out their duties in an impartial and objective manner. 

  5. Encouraging open communication and feedback from our clients and other stakeholders, and taking appropriate action to address any concerns raised. Ensuring that our services are accessible to all potential clients, regardless of their size, location, or other factors. 

We recognize the importance of impartiality in the services we provided, and we are committed to upholding this principle in all aspects of our operations. This policy statement is communicated to all personnel.


Oasiscert Sdn Bhd takes complaints against itself and its clients seriously.

Complaints about Oasiscert Sdn Bhd should be submitted in writing to the Managing Director at We will ensure we understand your concerns fully and deal with the complaint fairly and promptly. You will be kept informed of progress and we will at soonest once the complaint has been fully investigated.

Complaints about a registered or verified assertion client should also be submitted in writing. Having confirmed that the subject client is registered or verified by us, we will ensure that they are taking appropriate action and confirm how the issue has been dealt with during a subsequent audit or verification of the client.

Appeals Process

If you are a certified or verified client of Oasiscert Sdn Bhd and have an unresolved disagreement with the decision made regarding  your certification or verification, you may appeal in writing within 14 calendar days from receipt of the decision. 
An independent team from Oasiscert Sdn Bhd will be assigned to contact you, outline the appeals process, and collect and verify any necessary data or information. You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal once it has been fully reviewed.

Use of Marks

At Oasiscert Sdn Bhd, our certification and accreditation marks represent trust and adherence to management system standards. Clients certified by Oasiscert Sdn Bhd are permitted to utilise certification marks under specific conditions: Rules on Management System Certification Marks

Use of Statement

OASISCERT ensures that validation and verification statements accurately represent certified claims without misleading information. Projects validated or verified by OASISCERT Sdn Bhd are permitted to utilize the validation and verification statement as follows: Rules on Validation and Verification Statement


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Unit 11, 18TH Floor, Kiara 163, Jalan Kiara,

Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


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