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ISCC EU/PLUS Certification

Trustworthy Certification - Get ISCC Certification with Us!

What is ISCC?

Sustainability certification for all feedstocks and markets on a global scale

The ISCC(Internacional Sustainability and Carbon Certification) Certificate is an internationally recognized certification that ensures the sustainability of raw materials and products. It provides assurance that the materials used in production are sourced from sustainable sources and that the production process meets stringent environmental, social, and economic standards.

The entire ISCC system is structured to guarantee sustainability, traceability, and a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout supply chains. ISCC strives to enforce the highest sustainability standards, encompassing ecological and social sustainability, adherence to laws and international agreements, monitoring of GHG emissions, and effective management practices.

With this certificate, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, while also gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Green Forest
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Oasiscert Sdn Bhd offers ISCC EU/PLUS certification services to businesses, ensuring compliance with sustainable living standards through rigorous assessment by qualified auditors, ultimately aiding in daily improvement practices.


ISCC EU is a system sanctioned by the European Commission that validates the sustainability of fuels and electricity production. It complies with the sustainability standards and guidelines established by the European Renewable Energy Directive, with a special emphasis on diminishing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).


ISCC PLUS is an optional program that applies to the bioeconomy and circular economy across various sectors including food, feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles, and renewable raw materials. This is in line with the sustainability criteria outlined by ISCC. The ISCC PLUS certification allows products to be labelled as circular, bio-circular, and renewable.

How it Benefits You

1. Improved your reputation:

Getting ISCC certified helps your organization improve its reputation by demonstrating your commitment to producing and marketing sustainable home products.

2. Ensured legal compliance:

The ISCC certification can be proof of compliance with your region’s regulatory requirements and proof of compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED), thereby granting access to this market for your biomass/biofuel products.

3. Recognized as a leading player in the global market: 

The ISCC certification will be applied in increasingly global markets, which in turn will facilitate trade in durable goods from both a consumer and manufacturer perspective.

4.  Increased customer satisfaction:

The ISCC certification can be an assurance toward customers that your products are responsibly produced and from sustainable raw material. It helps customers identify which companies provide a sustainable supply of agricultural raw materials.

ISCC Material Lists
Green Orchard

Soy Oil

Canola/Rapeseed Oil



Used Cooking Oil

Food Waste

Brown Grease



You can find the lists of materials eligible for ISCC EU and PLUS certification on the official 

Certification Process

"Speed Up Your Success with Fast Process!"

Choosing Oasiscert Sdn Bhd for certification services, including ISCC EU/PLUS certification, can offer clients expertise, support, and a competitive edge in industries where sustainability and environmental responsibility are paramount.

Step 1

Quotation & Agreement

Step 4

Compliance Audit

(Document & Site Visit)

Step 2

Registration with ISCC

Step 5

ISCC Certification Issuance

Step 3

Document Review

Step 6

ISCC Certification Registered in ISCC 

  • Do ISCC schemes operate on the principle of chain of custody?
    Yes, ISCC schemes are indeed based on the chain of custody approach. They focus on supply chain sustainability and place a significant emphasis on identifying and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • What are the voluntary add-ons of the ISCC PLUS scheme?
    The most recent list of add-ons can be accessed on the designated page. These add-ons are supplementary components or stipulations that enhance the scope or augment the standard of the certification system.
  • Where can I locate the complete list of ISCC certificates and confirmations of compliance?
    You can find the list of all ISCC certificates and attestations of conformity on the official ISCC website. This list includes the validity period of all ISCC certifications issued by certification bodies.

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